August 5, 2014

radio silence... it happens sometimes.
i have fallen out of this blogging habit, and i can't seem to find any enthusiasm for it lately.
some redirection is in order, i think.

in the very near future will send you straight to the shop.
and if i am very crafty, this blog will live on at
(but as i'm not so clever at internet-type things, it may very well find itself stuck with

it will be around somewhere, in case you find yourself needing it. and you can always email me at if you just want to say hallo. (i'd like that.)

thank you for following, and understanding various pauses and drifts.

xo. regina

2 notes:

    i have missed your presence!
    i see my sweet little *oh albatross* items around the house and i whisper a "hello" to you....