August 5, 2014

radio silence... it happens sometimes.
i have fallen out of this blogging habit, and i can't seem to find any enthusiasm for it lately.
some redirection is in order, i think.

in the very near future will send you straight to the shop.
and if i am very crafty, this blog will live on at
(but as i'm not so clever at internet-type things, it may very well find itself stuck with

it will be around somewhere, in case you find yourself needing it. and you can always email me at if you just want to say hallo. (i'd like that.)

thank you for following, and understanding various pauses and drifts.

xo. regina

friday fuzzy

May 23, 2014

this was the fuzziest thing that happened all week. then she got a bucket stuck on her head. happy long weekend! xo. r


May 22, 2014

two new weavings headed into the shop today. i'm having some heartache over the all white one as a lot of it is woven from my mom's hand spun wool. the sheep's name was max.

xo. r

in and out

May 16, 2014

sometimes, you have sort of vague goals written on scraps of paper. quiet little whispers that you don't want to think about too directly in case they don't happen. a preemptive strike against disappointment. and then one day you realize, they've been fulfilled... but in a way you never saw coming.

lately, i've been weaving. near obsessively. the raw opportunity held in a freshly warped loom and the subtle, soothing in and out of the weft threads. music playing and my hands carefully moving. (i have long been fascinated with the many ways mankind has found to make a yarn into a fabric.)

a few pieces will be available for the first time in the shop this afternoon! (i'm nervous.)

i've enjoyed sharing the process, tools and materials over on instagram (ohalbatross, if you'd like to follow along.) i'll share a few mid-process shots below, explorations of simple palettes and subtle shifts. i daresay you'll be able to guess my favorite colors. (and naturally, i had to pop into the machine shop to finish off the ends of the brass and copper bars properly.)

this last one is the one that started it all. there was a rather obviously placed cable outlet on the wall of our bedroom, and i was not at all sure i wanted a tv there. i thought a weaving would be just the thing to cover it... and then the whole adventure began. 

xo. r

friday fuzzy

we are currently giving the tractor supply store a wide berth to reduce the likelihood of this sort of situation.
happy friday duckies.

xo. r

(photo by richard austin)