open question on open shelving

April 29, 2009

the question is...

can i turn these closed cabinets:

into something more like these lovely open shelves?
wide, low and industrial?

doorless cabinets with a nice accent color on the inside? (this would be a lot less work...)

these are a little high, i'd want them a little lower. but the undercabinet lighting is really nice.(particularly for long, grey michigan winters!)

too narrow, too country, and too high for my taste, but i like how much lighter the kitchen looks, weight-wise.

so will it work for our house? it's an idea i've been loving for awhile. somehow it just occurred to me today that it was actually an option! maybe i'll give photoshop a whirl and see what a little demolition might do for our kitchen. (we do have lovely dishes and glasses and i really wouldn't mind seeing them a little more often!)

any thoughts?

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  1. my thoughts:
    (since you sorta asked)
    I think the first one is beautiful, but it would drive me crazy personally. I would fret about how to stack things and which way to stack things, and our house is so dusty.
    The open cabinets are beautiful. I think that's my favorite of all of them. You can still see the dishes, etc. but have a bit more order to it. (I like order.)
    John put under cabinet lights in our kitchen and I highly recommend them. Very handy and nice to have--brightens up the kitchen, without turning the big light on.
    Anyway, just my thoughts.... : )