oh mother...

May 11, 2009

we have three dogs. in our teeny tiny house. i try very hard not to babble on about them. but this is my mother's day present to myself. everyone hold still while i get out the pictures.

top to bottom: guinness, otis and bump. a german shepherd and two french bulldogs. we're very international. junior UN like.

otis grigsby. aka oates, ogee, boats, haulin' oates. 32+ pounds of muscle. a veritable bowling ball. best damn cuddler ever, provided you don't mind being face to face with his morning breath.

bump! her grandmother calls her "louise" and we call her snotface 'cause she always has a runny nose. loves roasting by the fire in the winter, and dragging around the hose in the summer. and check out that grill. 

guinness, for the black and tan. her nickname? kitten. as noble as she looks in this pic, she's a teeny tiny little thing (60 lbs soaking wet) who protects us from all kinds of scary things, but simply cannot handle the not-so-scary things. like corners. she's scared of corners. she's our canine matriarch, rounding up the frenchies and keeping them clean. 

so happy mother's day to me. hope you didn't mind too much!

4 notes:

  1. Ummm...these are pretty much three of the cutest dogs/babies that I have ever seen. And I personally don't mind at all a little doggie mommy day love!

  2. thanks wildwood! i tend to dribble on about them too much. i can't help loving all their little personality quirks. if we had a bigger backyard, i think we'd be picking out our fourth dog!

  3. I <3 dogs
    I have a Beagle his name is Ernesto!

  4. milk tooth's rain: that is the perfect name for a beagle! btw, love your blog darling.