tee vs. dress

May 19, 2009

ah, another tuesday edition of tee vs. dress...

floral v-neck tee from urban outfitters
cotton shirtdress from nordstrom

cotton does give the dress a few extra points.
but i love a v-neck tee.
i had sort of planned on wearing a dress this morning (granted it would have been a dress made out of t-shirt material). but of course, the v-neck tee won out.
navy blue. 

2 notes:

  1. First of all - Again, I prefer the T-shirt.. it just seems to have more character..

    Secondly, Oh My GOD! I love my miniature foundling with the little sperm on the back!!! You're absolutely fabulous! Ickabelle is darling and her little friend is so amazing.
    Thank you so much. :)


  2. tilliellie, i am so, so glad you are happy with them! i couldn't wait for you to get your mail. and boy do i love that t-shirt, even with all that silly pink on it!