dance, dance, dance.

June 18, 2009

lykke li's dance, dance, dance keeps running through my head. it's so sweet. so innocent. so naive. and how much more appropriate could it get? because tonight will be my first ballet class in over five years. yikes! i can't decide if i'm more excited or more nervous.

and in dance-related news... i'm trying to figure out where on our house we could squeeze in our own tiny dancer. it's such a delightful little surprise. but i'm guessing our siding is far less conducive to this idea than the flat surface seen here. 

wish me luck, and send lots of advil! i'm going to be sore tomorrow...

2 notes:

  1. rusty, rusty but so much fun! my toes cramped, my hips screamed and i felt all kinds of uncoordinated. but it was worth it.