set on sweet...

June 2, 2009

here's a little everyeskimo sweetness with all body parts intact. 

he's the bird spirit. he's on the portly side so he can't fly, but his imagination does. he sits 'round and invents all kinds of birds. hopping sparrows, running robins, awkward emus, pink flamingos... they all come from his imagination.

he's in the shop, waiting for a new home!

now, to go sketch up a headless penguin...

3 notes:

  1. Aww! Love love love this! (Even if he does have a head.. lol)

  2. i heart him. i love the feathers and his little face peeking out. So cute.
    See how creative you are? you can do creepy AND cute. Not everyone can say that. I'll bet even Charles Addams couldn't make something cute. Nor could Ikuko Shimizu (the creator of Hello Kitty, at least according to that portal of knowledge, Wikipedia)create something sinister or devilish.
    you're in a class all your own, sweetie!

  3. thank you so much, both of you are so sweet! it really makes it a pleasure to work on these little toys...

    i had a dream somebody asked me what he was. and i couldn't explain. i pointed at the description i had written, but that wasn't good enough, they wanted more. it was very frustrating.

    reading lovely blog comments is much less frustrating! happy, happy.