random and irrational.

July 15, 2009

a little more of my random life...

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  1. Such an awesome post! I think all those fears are very rational. The only sane reaction to a crack in an elevator is to fear it. My one and only fear is that the scar from where I got stitches as a kid will rip open. *shudder*

  2. Mine are quite [ir]rational. I hate walking on grates, because I am sure they will crash through. I hate heights, because I am sure the stone will fall out of my ring or the shoe off of my foot or the camera out of my hand and into the abyss. And I hate cacti (less so now than in my childhood) because they could reach out and hug me with their prickly arms.

  3. hah! thanks for sharing your fears...
    i'm afraid of walking on grates in heels - how is my heel supposed to not get stuck in the grate? i tiptoe across them.
    i did bend over into a cactus once. needless to say, none of my current plants are spiky.

    ooh, i forgot one: i'm afraid of getting on escalators. i can do it, but it's awkward.

    and yes brad, that would make me shudder. luckily all my scars are shallow or i just might find myself adopting your fear.

  4. I realized that as I was walking home from work that there is alot to be afraid of: being stuck in an elevator, birds pooing on you, getting hit in the face with a cork from a champagne bottle, being the last person to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, the serrated edge on tin foil boxes and falling down really tall stairs. Now I think I have to add that cactus one to my list too. Each time I see one, I'll end up being afraid of it groping me. :(

  5. I'm beginning to find that quite a few people are worried about making phone calls and starting to feel a bit more comfortable about not being the only one :)
    You're a very interesting person <3

  6. hi holly...

    this is quite embarrassing, (but that's what you get for wandering into everyeskimo), i actually had to write myself a script once to get through making a phone call. i was calling the library to see if they were open. oh those terrifying librarians! quelle horreur!

  7. I really don't like making phone calls, either. I think it stems from a phone call I made in the first grade, when I was expecting to get one friend, and got the [non-English-speaking] mother of another friend. Before that I was carefree with the phone. Now I won't even order pizza.