things as they were meant to be.

July 1, 2009

i've had this guilty feeling weighing on me for awhile. remember the cephalopod? he was dear, but he was living a lie. pretending to be something other than what he truly was. and i felt very, very badly about it. well, here's to setting things right. the cephalopod's been given a makeover. da da da dum...

introducing, bunnypus. 
which is, by the way, what he was intended to be.

oh, i feel so much better. i hope bunnypus does too, despite that fact that he had a needle rammed into his head over and over to create a fuzzy bunny helmet. he'll be reintroducing himself to the shop shortly.

4 notes:

  1. Hehehe, he looks indeed a bit like he's suffering from a headache. ^_^

  2. he is a tad on the melancholy side. i don't think he's gotten over being so long without a bunny helmet.

    by the way, i really enjoyed your plush! thanks for sharing.

  3. bunnypus is so sweet...I really like his eyes, they look so forlorn.