the amoeba keeper.

August 5, 2009

this little foundling is never alone.
he has all his amoeba friends to keep him company.

4 notes:

  1. *blush* thanks!

    the amoeba keeper will soon be off to live with a headless goat and a headless polar bear. i have assured his new owner (an utter sweetheart, by-the-by) that he gets along just as fabulously with multi-celled organisms as he does with the single-celled variety!

  2. awww! You don't even get to keep him on a shelf for a while? He's already off to a new land?
    Very sweet little guy. I like him. Especially his pointy feet.

  3. actually, he won't officially be leaving the house for few weeks... so he gets to enjoy mantle privileges for now! ('cause i really, really like him, too)