i wish...

August 24, 2009

this week i wish i had bangs.
and i wish not to look like a six-year-old.
these wishes are mutually exclusive.

photo dug up from the depths of tumblr.

4 notes:

  1. try a magazine tip: try long, side-swept bangs at first. You can always brush them back completely if you don't like the look.
    I think you would look darling. Give it a go.
    I've had bangs since I was 11. I need them. My forehead is like a billboard. No need drawing attention to that much real estate on my face. Unless I rent out the space for adverts. : )

  2. i'm so, so curious what it would look like. patrick has claimed creative license over my hair... when i ask how much i should cut off, the answer is always 5mm!

    unfortunately, it grows so slowly i'd hate to think how long i'd have to live with a mistake. i don't know how i got up the guts to cut all my hair off after high school... it took all of college to grow back out!

  3. I remember picking you up at MSU to bring you to South Lyon and your hair was short and sticking out every which way. It was so cute.

  4. Not that *I* picked you up. That should read that we three drove you to South Lyon. I still remember the look on your mom's face when she saw you. She was so happy to see you and gave you a hug right away. It was sweet.