one is the loneliest number.

August 3, 2009

go ahead, call me a geek, but i have always found the concept of "amoeba" so appealing.

the sound of the word. the copious use of vowels.

and the beautiful, soft and expressive shapes just one single cell can achieve.

amoebas 1, 2 and 3 by megankmitchell via flickr.

there's a point to all this, eventually...
i'm working on a foundling: amoeba keeper.

hopefully i'll finish him up tonight or tomorrow. additionally, i'm loving the extra dimension that needle-felting is bringing to my work. (and i hope you are too!)

1 notes:

  1. I adore your needle-felting and can't wait to see the new baby foundling!

    By the by, I think you'll appreciate my latest blog post, it's right up your alley.. ;)