our pet's heads are falling off!

August 25, 2009

oh, what a sweet little deer!

what's that?! a dissection? eww...

oh sweet jesus... the kids! cover their eyes!

"pull yourself together, dear."

i finally snatched some time to sew... and oh my god do i love her! she's utterly morbid, and it tickles me in all the right places. (actually, what i find even more morbid than a deer with its head hanging by a string, is the fact that i used her inner thigh for a pincushion while i was stitching her up. it made me squirm a bit.) she's in the shop

(this should take care of my worries that things were getting a bit tame lately!)

6 notes:

  1. Poor poor Nearly-headless Bambi. And here you are sticking her as a pincushion. How positively ghoulish. I am in love with these headless wonders.

  2. Lol I love how to narrated the photos. <3

  3. eeek! thanks everyone. i've been thinking about making her since the first headless deer. i'm so glad i did!

  4. having finally seen your work in person: it is so well constructed and tiny. Teeny tiny! I was so surprised at the size of the oueflings!
    With/without heads, they are very well done, and you should be proud of your work.
    They are very sweet and dear in person.