the beauty of breakfast.

September 2, 2009

i do so enjoy a good breakfast...
particularly lingering over a long and lovely indulgence on sunday morning. simply breakfast is a gorgeous blog, and so full of appreciation and reverence for something most of us rush through every day.

i love how her photos capture the quiet stillness of the morning, and make so much beauty of the ordinary.

breakfast should not to be taken for granted.

2 notes:

  1. I like the first photo, where it looks like she stopped knitting just long enough to make a delicous breakfast.
    I had brown rice and edamame for breakfast with a strawberry-rice milk smoothie out in our Florida room. It was very nice. I watched the sparrows drink from our fountain.

  2. i agree about the first photo, it's so real and perfect.

    and now that i'm past breakfast, i find my thoughts turning to afternoon coffee: the next best meal to linger over.
    perhaps some madeleines would go nicely today?

    your breakfast sounds delightful by the way!