clever, cloudy and chicago.

September 9, 2009

pretty much, that covers things.

i have a cold, and despite patrick trying to wrangle my mother into forcing me to go to the doctor, i'm in chicago traveling for work. (if chicago has an outbreak of swine flu, it's not my fault. i promise.)

and so if you missed tuesday tee vs. dress, it's because i was in a fog and on a plane. and strangely enough, as hard as it is to dress myself, today i found myself dressing other people. ah, wardrobe. you'd think people would take one look at me and politely decline my opinion. but today, my fear of color and love of layers seemed to work out just fine.

and i'm totally okay with that.

on a positive note, i would just like to say that hotel beds & linens have improved immensely over the last couple years. to the point that i actually miss them when i leave. sigh.

5 notes:

  1. hope you feel better, dearest. Rest when you can. : (

  2. :D

    (annie was covering the positive sentiment so I had to bring balance to the Force)

  3. great brad. just great. you made me laugh hard enough i started coughing again.

  4. Err you're welcome? I'm helping you get it out of your system! Yipee!