September 29, 2009

photos via flickr.

fall means the official changeover from flip-flop to converse. i didn't start wearing converse until well after college (i suffered from an overwhelming fear that they made my feet look big). now, i have no idea how i got along without them. 

  • they go with everything. from jeans & tees, to suits, even wedding dresses.
  • they look good brand-spanking-new and old and scuffed up.
  • it's best to keep at least two pairs in rotation. (although i may currently have three.)

you love converse too, don't you? can you still remember every pair you had?

in order:
raspberry, gray, navy blue, white, gray again.

4 notes:

  1. So cons season has finally started? Exciting! I was in the same boat of not wearing them til after school. I think it had more to do with preferring shoes that I can slip in and out of quickly, which basically meant sticking to runners.

    In order:
    navy blue, chipped white paint, black, tan, brown plaid.

    Sorta on the fence about a pair of (bright) green plain ones. Don'tcha just love that there are so many options in terms of colorways and materials?

    Question: Highs or lows? Hmm?

  2. My first pair became mine in 4th grade. They were magenta high tops, and I thought they looked FANTASTIC with neon yellow laces. In middle school, I wore black and blue low tops, and during the summers at camp I sketched subliminal-make-you-dizzies in permanent marker on the canvas and wrote cool quotes on the white sides of the soles. Yeah, I was cool...

  3. i've never had anything so brave as magenta! or high tops for that matter...

    (i tend to stick to the non-colorful colors. hence the double gray. i just liked the picture of the green ones. although, i have a pair of bright green pumas i like just fine.)

  4. Remember, my magenta high tops were in 4th grade... I've mellowed with age and wear almost exclusively drab colors now. And Pumas! Woo! I see a shoe shopping trip in my future... You do inspire me so...