a fruit fret.

September 21, 2009

i tend to mark the seasons by the food and drink available at the time. 
and i could never quite pinpoint whether tomato season or apple season was more dear to me. but the invention of the honeycrisp has swung the balance.

why yes, i do love a good tomato. just picked, still a bit warm from the sun. maybe a sprinkle of a coarse salt. heaven.

but a honeycrisp? it's just too divine for words. 
if you haven't had one, please do.

(might i point out for this one short week, we are in both tomato season and apple season at the same time! you don't have to miss one to enjoy the other. you can have them both! wheee!)

do you have a favorite? is there another fabulous fruit that might swing the balance again?

photos from flickr.

2 notes:

  1. Pomegranates....we both can't wait!

  2. Ida Red apples. There is nothing better than a crisp, tart apple straight from the tree on a brisk day.