September 28, 2009

the smartest thing i've read on the internets:
we desperately require the invention of a sarcasm font.

would somebody get on that?

(image via ffffound.)

2 notes:

  1. Richard: Sarcasm is the refuge of losers.
    Frank: It is? Really?
    --Little Miss Sunshine

    (Look at that, I guess you're right. We do need a sarcasm font. Otherwise how would you know Frank's line is sarcastic?)

  2. maybe italics should be converted to mean sarcasm. i mean, are italics and bold and underlining all really necessary to call attention to something?

    good sweet mike, i loved little miss sunshine. p. didn't laugh through the entire thing, and claimed he wasn't in a "funny" mood. i had no idea there was a mood required to enjoy that movie. when the van door fell off, i was just about done.