September 1, 2009

lemmikkiapina does some of the most beautiful, heartbreaking work i've ever found on etsy. i stalk her shop constantly. (and somehow still managed to miss the dear fox tying knots.)

the luxury and juxtoposition of her fabric choices. the intricate delicacy of her work. the sweet postures and mannerisms. well, they just make my heart swell with joy. is all of finland full of such beautiful things?

4 notes:

  1. very, very sweet. They should be storybook characters.

  2. I've just discovered her work too - so very beautiful. can't wait for her to put some more things in her shop.

  3. Bonsoir, I may have a little interview that will interest you up tomorrow! Loving Peggy by the way!

  4. I love this work as well, beautiful!