let's play detective.

October 1, 2009

i used to have a book, but i can't remember the name. here are some clues:

  • it was a children's book, maybe young adult
  • it was fabulously illustrated, black and white, scratchy ink drawings
  • it was full of short stories
  • all the characters where weird, imaginary people-animal-things
  • in one story, there was an invisible girl. there was a bow that bobbed on top of her invisible head. in the end of the story, she laughed and became visible
  • in another story there was a woman washing a large rug on a rock by the sea
  • i think the border of the cover may have been yellow
have you read this book? any thoughts on how i can find it?
(i do in fact realize that my clues are of no help whatsoever. but you know, maybe....)

{photo via chez larsson}

3 notes:

  1. Sounds like a Shel Silverstein book, maybe "Where the Sidewalk Ends"? I loved that book as a child. Try any online bookstore, and good luck! (:

  2. thanks musu! the drawings were very similar to shel silverstein, but i'm sure it wasn't him. but of course i can't remember enough to even start searching! it's driving me kinda nuts.

  3. oh wonder of wonders! i found it! blogged here: