October 12, 2009

sweet pete, i like lists. i like making them. i like crossing things off them. i like going back through my little pile of lists, frantically looking for something i missed. and i like looking at other people's lists.

things to make lists of:

books you've read. books you want to read. movies to see. songs to blip. blog posts to write. stores you've meant to stop at for years. things to search for on craigslist. dog names. kid names. things you wish you were. things you wish you weren't. jobs you'd rather have. people you used to know. things you're grateful for. places you want to live. nooks you'd like to have in your next house. ways to organize things. a list to keep track of all your other lists.

don't think about it too much, it makes you crazy. just make lists. and then cross them off. it's therapy i think.

you make lists too, don't you?

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  2. Oh of course I makes lists. How else would I remember to put underwear on.