shall we tie one on?

October 28, 2009

one place i often find myself when the weather gets cooler: the kitchen. yes, i can cook. (a fact that will surprise my dear mother, since i'm quite sure she clearly remembers the day when i decided to make ramen noodles and had to verify how one knew when the water was boiling. she will be kind enough not to mention that i was in high school.) i still prefer to leave the inglorious rush of dinner to patrick. but baking? well, i do that quite nicely.

and nothing gets me in the baking mood quite like tying on an apron. here's the problem (and you knew this was coming, didn't you?):

the lovelier the apron, the more difficult it is for me to wipe my dirty hands on it. sure it's just flour. but then it might be egg. or frosting. or melted chocolate (if i don't eat it first). so, in lieu of these lovelies, i stick with my ikea standbys. and even then, i find myself trying to keep it clean. you have this problem too, don't you?

life is complicated. aprons, apparently, make it more so. 

2 notes:

  1. free yourself, i say. be an impeccable pig.

    don't forget, anything that doesn't wash out is like a battle scar. something to be proud of. so, don't sweat it. smudge and smear away {with the exception of chocolate, of course. as a rule, that should always be comsumed}!

    and thank you for the snaps to harmonie park!

  2. I think your story beats mine where I almost burned the house down trying to deep fry sister and I sent the dog into the kitchen to investagate after we ran from the flames.