November 7, 2009

which is the best stage in the banana lifecycle?
i'm a 4, maybe 5.
7 is just inedible.
(and wrong.)

i like bananas best when they don't taste like bananas.

{image via weirdfriends}

9 notes:

  1. So crazy. I was just looking at the bushel (?, bunch? collection?) of bananas I have sitting on the counter and thinking about this very thing (they are at a 5).

    A 4? 4 isn't even ripe yet! Gimme a 6.5 any day. Mmm sweetness.

  2. I'm a 3 to a 4. Anything above a 5 is just gross.

  3. Me too!!! The crunchier the better. I'm probably a 2 or 3, if you can convince me to eat one in the first place.

  4. your big brother is a 2 or a 3. I'd rather not eat one at all. But I like to use 7s for banana bread

  5. i am very glad all the bananas will be eaten.

  6. 7 is best for banana bread.
    4 is how I eat em.
    i just realized the reason i like your blog is the lack of capitals.

  7. prob a 5. tho the 7 is def best for cooking banana bread ha