in dreams.

November 17, 2009

i had a bad dream.
a sad dream.
i woke up trying not to cry.
i don't know what it meant.
or if it meant anything at all.
and now it's hanging about me
like my very own
stormy little raincloud.

do you have dreams sometimes
that are so real, so raw
that you wake up,
knowing it's a dream
but feeling it as real?

{ominous, via flickr}

4 notes:

  1. Sorry you had a bad dream, dearest! :(
    I have the recurring dream where I'm at school, I haven't attended in weeks, I can't find my locker, I haven't studied or finished any of my assignments, and I can't find my classes. It's horrible. I'm always so relieved when I wake up.

  2. I'm also not thrilled when I have that same dream but I'm missing articles of clothing. It makes it infinitely worse.

  3. I recently woke up with a sense of impending and assured doom because someone had sent me thumb tacks in the mail. I was in a sheer panic, even after I woke up.

  4. i didn't mean to laugh at your thumb tack misery, but that was the most delightful thing i read all day. i think you've chased all my bad dreams away! xo.