November 28, 2009

i do hope y'all had a lovely thanksgiving and all the turkey/tofurkey you could stuff in your tummies. i might get drawn and quartered for this, but i am not the biggest fan of the traditional thanksgiving menu (partly because i am just horrified by candied sweet potatoes, i prefer mine savory.) but, now that we've got the november noms out of the way, i can start dreaming of the christmas feast...

... slices of ham, polish sausage, pierogies, twice baked potatoes, green beans with buttered breadcrumbs, and so many decadent desserts. all bathed in twinkly little white lights! christmas gets me all kinds of starry-eyed!

so here's to the holidays. hope they're off to a good start for all of you!

{image from synnel via weheartit}

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