six scarves a'snuggling...

November 16, 2009

fir and feather. {here}

stephanie teague. {here}

art lab. {here}

the house of hemp. {here}

sanchia845. {here}

patricia ayres. {here}

snuggling down in a soft scarf is one of the few perks of winter. (a glass of wine in front of a crackling fire is the other.) and etsy, of course, has the most covetable scarves ever. (yes, ever!)

and while i'm still rather enamored of the olive green scarf my mother knitted for me (and perhaps she got a bit carried away because it's nearly as long as a blanket, and almost as wide. but it's the warmest, most winter-warding thing i own.) i seriously wouldn't mind finding that patricia ayres scarf under the tree this christmas. i'm just saying.

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  1. Sanchia845! It looks so cozy. I pick that one.