christmas wishes.

December 19, 2009

four things i desperately wished for as a child
that i would never, ever wish for now:

1. a baby pig
2. to be named "clara"
3. eight children
4. to build a house on my parent's property in which to keep my eight children. i volunteered my dear mother to be the chauffeur. (come to think of, she can still be the chauffeur, even if i only end up with one child.)

okay, your turn to play: what are your old wishes that won't make the wishlist these days?

5 notes:

  1. I wanted an elephant as a pet. One night I cried and cried and cried, wanting an elephant so badly. The next day my parents came to me, wanting to tell me something. They had decided that I could have a pet. I was excited, thinking I was getting a dog (the elephant thing was really a temporary fixation, I really did want a dog of my own to supplement the family dog we already had). It turns out they were talking about giving me a fish tank for my room. I accepted the fish, but got a dog of my own before finishing college. And I would not wish for an elephant at this point in my life. A rhinoceros, maybe. But an elephant, no.

  2. I, amazingly, got everything I ever wanted. Now I don't know if I was terribly spoiled or it I set my sights to low. (sites? which is it?)
    I got bongos the year I really wanted bongos. I was so happy. I still have them, and I never learned how to play them....
    I got an electric toothbrush the Christmas I really wanted an electric toothbrush....

  3. darling, if you are wishing for a toothbrush, i'd say you might have your sights a bit low. (and after some digging around, i think it's sight, as in gunsight. but it's hard to verify, as apparently everyone just uses whatever they want on the interwebs.)

  4. tracy, i think the teacup mastiff might come close to fulfilling elephant wishes. french bulldogs are awfully close to fulfilling pig wishes. (in fact, my first frenchie was named pig, poor thing. she was very nearly pink like one too.)