coffee cans and craft paper.

December 12, 2009

we've switched coffee (to lavazza, which if you can find it, i highly recommend. those italians know what to do with espresso.) and now i have a wealth of tiny little cans that i've been hoarding. they're perfect for storing little things. i've even played with the idea of mounting them with the bottom against our entryway wall to form a kind of hook/cubbyhole for keys and coats. but, i think i like this better...

i'm thinking maybe a plain craft paper with a bit of twine wrapped around it. and then i'd have a neverending set of storage for all those bits and pieces that collect in my studio. or maybe succulents, except i kill those with reckless abandon.

want to join in? (wrapping cans, not killing plants.) there's a tutorial here. {thanks apartment therapy}

nothing like a couple of coffee cans and some craft paper to give me a cheap thrill.

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