December 5, 2009

listing some new letterpress finds in the little shoppity, and i suspect i might have a hard time parting with this set. one, because it just looks so darn nice on ledge by the back door. and two, because it's kinda nice to be greeted when you come home.

(i have not been terribly successful training the dogs to speak. even in dog language.)

2 notes:

  1. Mostly unrelated: I taught my [dearly departed] lab to bark on command. My mom couldn't understand why I would do such a thing. One day as a puppy she grabbed a dying mylar helium balloon and ran around with it. Thinking quickly, I gave her the command to bark, and she sounded like a squirrel. It was the funniest application of "speak" ever. And that is why we teach our dogs to bark on command.

  2. let me catch my breath... dying laughing. oh, i bet that still makes you laugh when you think of it. i so wish i'd seen it!