pure stitchery

December 10, 2009

i was scavenging through flickr for an image of a birch tree yesterday and little did i expect to come across this...

simple, sweet, full of texture and dimension. and well, just plain awesome. i did a little digging around (and by digging, i mean clicking) to find the blog and etsy shop of the darling doe.c.doe. it's all full of vintage stitchy goodness with a strong sense of design. and she's a sweetheart on top of it all.

now, i just want to say a quick thanks to the person who very patiently demanded that i learn to stick a piece of thread through a needle and weave it around a bit. i'm not entirely sure i saw the point of it at the time, not when i had bikes to jump and mud to fling. but now? well, needlework seems to have an entirely different view from grandma's samplers. and i love the direction it's headed.

particularly when people create things as lovely as these birches.

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