tee vs dress. spanning the spectrum.

December 1, 2009

today's tee vs dress covers both ends of the spectrum. the i-dont-wanna-get-dressed tee and all-buttoned-up-and-lovely dress.

(and yes, the dress is strikingly similar to another i posted in the summer. you can opt for the bottom in red or purple, but there was yellow! and i love yellow! it seems necessary to follow yellow! with an exclamation point today.)

A4 tee from little factory.
in-a-moment dress from anthropologie.

strangely enough, i did opt for a dress today. and then a pair of jeans, too. so i believe that puts me right in the middle of the aforementioned spectrum. i'm hardly buttoned up and lovely. but i did try, just a little.

2 notes:

  1. That dress is purr-dy but the tee supports my all-time favoritest paper size, A4. A4 ftw!!!