tiny little treasures.

December 16, 2009

i love tiny little treasures. special little things that have no practical purpose but make my heart do a little jiggle just 'cause such a special thing exists. such as this porcelain wishbone by aligibbons. it's not yet a wish, but it could be. and i love that.

now tiny little treasures often cause arguments. (mostly in my head, but arguments nonetheless.) one part of me wants to hang it on the wall or on a ledge so i can see it and touch it and share it and love it. but another part of me wants to hide it in a drawer so the thrill won't get used up. so i can open that drawer and surprise myself with what's hidden inside and not share it with anyone.

luckily, i don't own this little find. so that's cut down on the bickering. somewhat.

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