what are you afraid of

December 10, 2009

i am so flustered by this amazing little sculpture by alfalfalovesme aka darla jackson. of course, i have to give all the credit to brad ando for digging up this little gem. (don't buy it, or he'll hate me forever!)

"what are you afraid of" is sweet and sorrowful and scary all at the same time. and all those mixed-up emotions just squeeze my heart so.

is there any sort of borrowing against next year's christmas presents program i could sign up for? because of course, i want.

3 notes:

  1. I could never hate ya. Much less forever. I could definitely shun you (for a lil while at least). This was suppose to be a secret. First rule of rabbit with crow mask is you don't talk about rabbit with crow mask.

  2. in the future, i'm going to suggest not tweeting your most precious secrets!

  3. What's the fun in a secret if you can't tell at least one person about it?