awww, olive you too.

January 13, 2010

good things to love about olive oil:

1. choose a good one and it's quite tasty.
2. if you get a little on your fingers, rub it into your cuticles. it absorbs wonderfully.
3. if your stainless steel appliances are spotty and frustrating, a light polish with olive oil will make them beautiful (but still frustrating).
4. rubbed into a large wood salad bowl, not only does the bowl look glossy and rich, the salad actually tastes a bit more hearty.
5. if you happen to drop your chap stick on the top of your leather boot and stain the top of it with an unsightly dark mark that no leather cleaner/conditioner/weatherproofer can remove, just polish your boots with olive oil. yes, i have saved my lovely boots with good old olive oil. (they came out a shade darker, but actually look richer and more expensive now. i'm so chuffed.)

disclaimer. i'm not sure knitted olives produce much in the way of oil. but they're rather darling.
{image, and olives, by maryjanemidgemink.}

can i file this under so smart? 'cause i feel pretty smart.

1 notes:

  1. These are so cute. I think I would stick them in a mason jar and set them on a bright window sill...