bears with n & o names

January 26, 2010

two new little bears were requested.
here they are, awaiting names.
they need an "n" name and an "o" name

niles and owen?

5 notes:

  1. Newton and Oberon.
    Oberon, which I kid you not, means "noble bear" in German.

    I also like Nigel, Napolean and Nolan.

  2. hmmm, wonder if shakespeare knew that. love your suggestions! i love naming things, don't you?

  3. I like Otis, Otto and Omar :) O names are great.

    Hmm.... Nathaniel and the nick name Natty is the only N name that came to mind!

  4. Niles and Owen are excellent. Also Nigel and Omar.

    I have a pottery friend named Oren. But I don't know how any O name can compete with Oberon.

  5. that's two votes for nigel, two votes for oberon. and otis appreciates the vote for his name. (he's my baby dog brat.)

    thanks for the input, this has been quite fun!