happy medium.

January 24, 2010

i have just about worn myself silly scouring for vintage this weekend.
here are just the few finds i've managed to get photographed (and in the shop!) on a rainy afternoon
(rain, really? shouldn't we have snow or ice or sleet or hail? it is january.)

{tiny little postage scale, appropriate for elves}

{classic piggy bank, made from a cork-like composite}

{fabulous industrial tray}

{cherry red toy cash register. ca-ching!}

so many, many more to come. i've been running out of new things to post by mid-week... up 'til now. now, i have no idea how i will ever get all these finds ready! there's just no such thing as a happy medium is there?

2 notes:

  1. why is it i get pangs of jealousy whenever someone besides me has a good thrifting weekend? i think i need to reset my moral compass :)

    great finds lady!

  2. mine must need a little adjustment too, 'cause i always get jealous of your finds too! (of course, sometimes i just buy them and that helps with the jealousy a whole lot. 'cause now it's mine, all mine!) xo.