a letter.

January 27, 2010

dear monkeysalwayslook,

please, please, pretty please stop tempting me with these gorgeous things. i love them. i can barely resist them. but unfortunately, i tend to kill them. you remember the rotting string of dying pus balls i produced earlier this year, don't you? oh how i want this one. i'm almost whining. (okay, the "almost" part isn't true.) sigh. stomp. pout.

love, my black thumb

ps. i didn't know these bloomed! i suppose they have to be alive for that to happen?

{see more of monkey's gorgeous things here.}

2 notes:

  1. Dear everyeskimo,

    Put down the internet, you have clearly lost your mind! I wouldn't consider you to have a black thumb, but rather a BLACK thumb, fingers, & toes.

    Thank you for the sweet post!

  2. i stand corrected, and possibly decomposing.