word nerd.

January 4, 2010

love words. don't have a clue what an article is. but if i hung these up over my desk, perhaps i could learn. instead, i've put them in the shop.

noun. verb. adjective. article. and preposition. all with the sweetest illustrations. too perfect.

3 notes:

  1. article: a, an, the
    (just because I'm proud I know something)

  2. When I was in school (and I suspect it was in the same era you were), we wrote about our feelings and colored pretty pictures to go with them. We learned about all the syntax and parts of speech over two days in 9th grade. Yeah, I have forgotten most of it. I retained more of it from studying Spanish. Very cute, though... off to look at the rest...

  3. i was really confused when my french teacher started talking about conjugating verbs. i knew what verbs were, but what the heck was conjugating? nobody learns english that way, and it was a very ineffective way of learning french. (imho)