( advice. part one. )

February 2, 2010

i am finding the lord of the rings unbearably hard to get through.
i want to walk away, but i've come so far. i only have about 30 pages left.
30 dreadful, awful pages...

4 notes:

  1. You're already way better off than me. I barely got thirty pages INTO it and shelved it. In contrast, John read them all straight through in high school. He devoured them. I can't get into it.
    It is dreadfully hard to walk away. I usually slog through the book until the end out of duty/persistance/respect. (none of those words are the right word. I'm shouting to Ben --he's in the dining room taking a test --and we both can't come up with the word I'm looking for. Protocol? Ugh. It's on the tip of my tongue.)

  2. Oh, Lord of the Rings. Drop it now. I slogged through, and I mean sloggged, in high school. And why? To see more impossible battles against goblins or dwarves or whatever... Just stop now.

  3. i will not be picking up the other two for a good long time. ugghh. it's not like i don't already know what happens. good wins. good always wins.

  4. Chiming in late, but I read them early. 6th grade. Straight all the way through back to back. I like the librarian's advice, but it seems that at some point between 1 page in and 30 pages left, you reach the point of diminishing returns for stopping - the accomplishment (or my competitive nature) would outweigh the 30 pages for me.