( bit )

February 8, 2010

oh hi. here is a small and unlucky bunny. (who was very nearly
named rabBIT, but that involved capitalization, and i don't like those letters.)

and here's vladamir, a wolf.
there's something not quite right about him.
he may be a werewolf. he may have had something to do 
with the poor bunny's unlucky accident.
but he's kind of quiet, and won't tell.
and i don't much feel like getting involved.
unlucky bunny said it was best not to.

they'll be in the shop soon.
please don't be horrified.
i didn't mean to scare you.

4 notes:

  1. oh my goodness...
    i love them both!
    poor little unlucky bunny,
    i bet there's a scary bedtime tale
    to be made from that incident.

  2. I like the rabbit's little sweet face

  3. I like the unlucky rabbit's hands. They look like bloody claws. Rawrr!!!