( a broken fast )

February 15, 2010

well, the february financial fast lasted longer than i expected. not quite all of february. i made it halfway, exactly.
on my valentine's date (happily spent vintage hunting) i found this:

you know my fondness for cubbies. and all things letterpress related. have you ever seen a cubby-letterpress-drawer delight like this? it's fully six feet long and is technically a drawer that slides into a cabinet i can barely imagine.

i don't have a clue what all will fill up those cubbies but holy cow am i excited to have this! (if i call it a valentine's present then it didn't really break the fast, did it?)

i like it standing on end, but also had a really interesting suggestion that it might work as a shelf. and hung at roughly hip height, it might make the most interesting display for little items. i am aflutter. yes.

4 notes:

  1. what an awesome find, i love it!

  2. drool drool drool. What a score... jealous! What a great way to break the financial fast.

  3. i was fully skipping with excitement. and i can't wait to see where it looks best in the house. i don't even feel guilty about breaking the fast. how often do one of these come around?!