( february )

February 1, 2010

it's february. and strangely enough we have no snow. none. and i'm starting to think i miss winter. i suspect i'd like to be holed up in this cabin in the woods under a pile of blankets. next to a crackly fire. with a good book. the kind that you can't put down, even when your poor fingers have gone numb. like february is supposed to be.

here are good things that happen in february:
my mom's birthday. (happy birthday!) valentine's day. (for some reason, often ignored.) my birthday! (even though i'm generally blissfully unaware of how old i actually am.) and the anniversary of patrick's and my engagement! (oooh sparkly.) 

and another thing that's going to happen in february:
a february spending fast. this little bird has been too indulgent and must cut back. because as much as i love, love, love all these lovely things... truth is, they never make me much happier. momentarily giddy, yes. but happier? not really.

let's just hope this doesn't backfire like diets always do. (anytime someone says diet, i start to wonder where the closest cookies are.)

hope you have a wonderful month! keep cozy.

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