( love hate )

February 1, 2010

this is why photography drives me crazy.
{and i love it}

two photos. taken within two seconds of each other.
in the exact same lighting. with two completely different results.

ooooh, shiny.
{the label from a stamp carousel that is currently in the shop despite the realization that i could actually use it for my growing collection of stamps. can't keep everything though, can i? wait, can i?}

3 notes:

  1. damn.. its crazy huh? the right is DEF the better of the two. ;o)

  2. looking at again, i totally agree with you. so why on earth did i use the other one in my etsy listing? hmmm, time to revisit!

  3. I like the right one (artsy-er)... but I think that the left one shows the actual label (color & shape & etc) better (for the purchaser).