( naughty )

February 18, 2010

it's no secret my plants have not been doing well this year. 
so i thought i'd order them a garden marker to inspire them. 
a tiny little kick in the plant pants.
such delightful naughtiness 
found at my favorite monkeys always look.
i haven't found the perfect place to plant them.
but i rather like them here for now.

silly plants better shape up or ship out.
{tough love}

{ find more about monkey here, here, here and here }

2 notes:

  1. I ALWAYS kill plants - and I'm only slightly better at fish (Mr. Buble is doing very well though!)! I have a few people off the top of my head I would like to hand those spoons to to stir their coffee :-) (evil thought, I know.)

  2. now that you mention it, i think there's a deserving coffee stirrer in my life too...