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February 4, 2010

i'm really excited about this.

a. i really, really, really want open shelving in the kitchen. (this is ever so slightly tempered by my concern about resale value, because this cozy little cottage isn't the forever home. but really, really want.)

b. holy cow if using lockers in the kitchen isn't the smartest idea in the world. 
i know where to find some lockers. i even know where to put them. however, i'm not sure the discussion about ripping out more than 60% of the cabinets in the kitchen is going to go well. but can i wait until the  forever house? what if it won't work there? 

great. now i'm anxious and excited.

{scavenged from design*sponge along with a very slight admonishment that
lockers! in! the! kitchen! deserve their own post. }

7 notes:

  1. egads! saw this too and LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! :)

  2. ...oh! i love the built in lockers... sah-weet!!!

    ~michelle ;)

  3. do you think there's even the slightest chance i could convince mr. left brain that this would be the most wonderful idea on earth? would it be the same if the lockers weren't built in, but wall-to-wall?

  4. The lockers would be totally awesome - I'm sure you could create a free-standing unit with them, and still achieve the same effect.

    And for the shelves - you can always just remove the doors for the time being...until you're ready to move! See...brilliant!

  5. i got a pat on the head and he walked away. is that good or bad do you think?

  6. i wouldn't give up on the idea of open shelving...

    maybe to find a compromise, is it possible to introduce some open shelving and keep a few cabinets?

  7. hehe, my boyfriend does that to me all the time.

    just do it! he'll deal. ;)