( stamped )

February 16, 2010

dear america, 

can we please rethink our position on stamps? while we fall back on bald eagles, cracked bells and powdered wigs, the rest of the world is doing this. heck, they did this in 1975.
what did we have? a flag? impressive. 

your only defense is the king and queen of hearts set. i've stockpiled those so i can avoid sending ugly mail. we have super talented artists, we really do. i'm sure they wouldn't mind employment in the stamp field. i sure wouldn't.

so yes, stamps. rethink them please.
ever so many thanks. 

{ lots of thanks to so much pileup who found these lovelies }

2 notes:

  1. Yes I agree! Our stamps really sucks.

  2. You know what's great, though? When you get lovely stamps in the mail. It just brightens up the entire day when you get a beautiful stamp in the mail!