( wanting white )

February 22, 2010

d-d-d-d-damn, i wish this was a before and after.

on the top, is a peek at my studio. yes, i'm crammed in the attic. it's not even technically liveable space. i can barely stand under the peak. (i'm 5'8", it's 5' 8.5") it's completely stifling in summer and freezing in winter. i love it anyway. the room is large, if not tall, and has absorbed a whole lot more furniture since this picture was taken. a table, for instance. i started out picking warm, dark nesty colors because i was pretty sure it would never be light and bright.

but as my wishy-washy brain would have it, i keep thinking what if? what if i painted the ceiling, walls and trim bright, clean white? what if i pulled up the carpet and painted the floor white too? (the floor is suspect, and i there are uneven spots that i can feel under the carpet as i walk. but then again, the carpet is in pretty bad shape too.)

what if it could look more like the bottom picture? of course there's won't be any light to throw around, but still...

sorry, i've been whining about painting things white for far too long. half of me thinks i should just go ahead and do it. the other half of me remembers how much of a pain this room was to paint the first time.

umm, hi! happy monday! hope you're all well-rested and just plain well. maybe you'd all like to come over and have a painting party?

3 notes:

  1. SURE...I have lots of experience painting...I think painting it white would help!
    I really thought it was a before and after....
    LOVE your furniture too though...
    Can't wait to see what you'll do with it.
    IF you haven`t already...don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY which I posted on Saturday.

  2. I might like your room better. It may be because of the dozing dog, though. Both are lovely, and it's amazing you found an "after" picture so similar to your "before."

  3. Why not a compromise between the two and paint it a sunny yellow? That way it's bright and cheerful but still a color.
    Just a thought.
    All that white would drive me batty. But I watched a show once where they visited the home of Tomie dePaola, and all of his walls were white. He thought that the art on the walls should be the color, not the walls themselves.
    From Tomie's FAQ page:

    Q: What's your favorite color?
    A: White. All of the other colors look great against it

    I say, why not have both? Colorful walls and colorful art. But that's just me.
    Happy Monday, dearest. : )