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March 19, 2010

well, the truth comes out. i'm all of 28. not terribly old. not terribly young. middle ground. (there's a lot of that, and i'm happy to be in it.) there was a small snafu last year when i forgot how old i was. i'd sort of started thinking that i was almost 30 which seemed odd, since i still basically look like a kid. and i inadvertently rounded up. so imagine my surprise when it turned out that i was not yet 28, but still had to turn 28! getting younger... that won't happen too often.

but life does manage to throw you a lesson now and then. so while i'm stoically trying not to whine about getting old, this happens:

day job had a small "sorry you're not getting any raises in the foreseeable future, but maybe a drink will keep you placated" function. waitress looks around at all my coworkers, squints, and says, "i'll need to see your id." yes, she's pointing at me.
so twenty-eight nothing. i still pass for sub-twenty-one.

dumb kid. yep.
guess i'm alright with that too.

{ lots of letterpress picks in the shop. letters, numbers, you name it. just in case you need a reminder of your age. or perhaps, you're truly talented like my dear mother who told me she was 16 for the first 8 years of my life. i slowly began to catch on when my sister turned 18. }

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  1. you are nowhere near middle ground my dear. my late 20's will go down as some of my finest years...so i'm thinking this is going to be a good one for you.