( all i'm saying )

March 4, 2010

actually i have no idea what i'm saying.
i just like this.
a lot.
like, a lot, a lot.

{ dug up from the very strange mind of theo }

2 notes:

  1. Aww, they just look so sad and abused - the look in their eyes is just too sad. Not to mention the poor condition of their bodies. But I hate animal exploitation in any form.

  2. i suppose, coming from an age of retouching, airbrushing, and all manner of photo alteration, i rarely assume any picture is actually real. but this is an old photo, and i think your point is spot on. looking again, they do seem horribly mistreated. (unless the bear just had a third eye. no?)

    so, while i still like the whole carnivalesque style, i'm really glad you've given me some more to think about... and for reminding me to look at things through the lens of their era, not just mine.