( dna )

March 11, 2010

dear dna, 

if i remember correctly, it's not possibly for two people with no red heads in their families to create a small red head of their own. but if you could please, please (some day in the very distant future) oblige me with a red headed child, i would be forever grateful.

yes, that is my fondest and least-likely wish. red headed children.

ever so many thanks,

{ today has been exceedingly random here in bloggy land. should i apologize? should we delight in it together? should we all cross our fingers and hope my mother brushed right over the words distant future in her rush to get to the word children? }

6 notes:

  1. Wow. That first picture looks eerily like pictures of my husband at that age. Attitude and everything.

  2. well, my mom is a blonde and my dad is a brunette, and i had red hair when i was little! it's blonde now, but it was red for a few years! fingers crossed for you ;)

  3. Kathleen and Joel managed a red head.
    distant = about 1 year, right?

  4. Redheads, like blonds/blondes are caused by a recessive gene but it works better with one blond parent +one dark parent.

    Failed unutterably in my case and I have 3 children (all grown up) with transparent mouse coloured hair.

    *waves from London, UK*

  5. Even better if one of the parents is themself a redhead, IGWS.